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Real Estate Sales

From a single residence, to a multi-parcel sale to a trophy property, we know the marketplace and we’ll get you a great return!

Real Estate is booming and Puckett Auctions is poised and ready to handle all of your Real Estate liquidation needs.

Seller Benefits…

Buyer Benefits…

Sale Success – A sale by auction achieves the seller’s goal– selling the property – and frees the seller from dealing with buyers who are not serious about purchasing the property.

Prepared to Buy – Pre-qualified buyers come prepared to buy on the seller’s timetable. Increased market exposure resulting from an aggressive marketing campaign can generate a larger pool of potential buyers than a traditional sale.

Quick Disposal of Property – Quick disposal of property by auction reduces the seller’s carrying costs, benefiting the seller and the buyer as well through a reduced purchase price.

True Market Value – A properly marketed auction property generates competition between buyers, and it should sell at this true market value. The sales price may even exceed what would have been received in a negotiated sale.

No Stressful Negotiation – Auction sales eliminate the often-stressful negotiation process between buyer and seller. Properties are typically sold without contingencies and If contingencies are allowed, they are offered to all bidders. Furthermore, in an auction sale, the seller dictates what the contingencies are, not the buyer.


Competitive Bidding – All buyers compete fairly and openly on the same terms, usually resulting in a purchase at true market value.

Buyers are Prepared – Buyers generally have much more information about the property than in a traditional negotiated sale.

Quick Resolutions – Long negotiation periods are eliminated, and the successful buyer knows with certainty how long it will take to close on the property.

No matter how many pieces of property you have… no matter where they are… Puckett Auctions can handle the process, giving you a maximum return on your dollar

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